Where to Get Coffee in Savannah

coffeeinsavannahThe great thing about finding Savannah Inns today is that you’re figuring out where to get coffee in Savannah.

Also, you have Savannah women who do the SAME thing (running the best B&Bs in Savannah) and love this charming city equally. They have their own views, and then combine them in THIS think tank.

Today we want to bring you the best of the best coffeetalk. Often when you’re out milling about and taking in the beauty of the city, coffee isn’t your number one priority – location IS.

Brought to you by the fabulous innkeepers that bring you Savannah Inns, our coffee-activity matchup is sure to keep you exploring Savannah way after you lose that first burst of vacation energy you get from our delicious breakfasts!

Where Do I Get Coffee When I’m Walking through the Savannah Squares?

As you’re walking through the city squares, Teresa Jacobson of Azalea Inn & Gardens recommends Gallery Espresso (at the intersection of Bull and East Perry Streets). Gallery Espresso is the oldest coffeshop in Savannah and has a lot of really comfortable seating. As an added bonus, take advantage of the outdoor seating with big red umbrellas to block the sun as you’re looking out at Chippewa Square.

Where Do I Get Coffee When I’m Exploring Downtown?

When you’re downtown on Broughton Street, we likes to send you to the new coffeeshop in Savannah, Coffee Fox. There are incredible details hidden in every nook and cranny so if you don’t go for the coffee, at least peek at the design of the interior. Perhaps, best of all, Coffee Fox (at the intersection of Broughton and Whitaker Streets) serves coffee beans roasted right here in Savannah by our local coffee aficionado, Phillip B. from PERC Coffee.

Where Do I Get Coffee When I’m Having a Picnic in Forsyth Park?

Who doesn’t loves a good picnic in the park. We know you’ll love it too! When that afternoon sun gets you a little too sleepy and a public nap isn’t quite up your ally, try the Sentient Bean. This Savannah coffeeshop is right on the South end of Forsyth Park (at the intersection of Bull and East Park Streets). There is always great local art on the walls at The Bean, too.

Well, that’s what we’ve got for you today. Mmmm now I want a coffee in Savannah, too!

Savannah Inns in beautiful and historic Savannah, GA invite you to reserve your room today to experience the city that brings you coffee from the most charming coffeeshops around.


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