Press and Accolades

October 2012:
The Spooky South, Travel Savannah, Marissa Hermanson, Breathe Magazine

September 2012:
Discover pedestrian pleasures in gracious Savannah , Marcia Biggs, Tampa Tribune’s Travel Section

June 2012:
Romantic Savannah Get (not-so-far) Away for Great Service, Jackie Hanson,, San Marco

May 2012:
Savannah Offers an Unforgetable Escape, Susan Lanier-Graham, Phoenix Luxury Travel Examiner
Savour the Flavors of Savannah, Shirley Swagerty,  I Love Inns, Press Release
Celebrate Girl Scouts in Savannah, Carol Timblin, Recreation News
Scouting Out Savannah – Where to Stay, Judy Wells, Travel on the Level
Taste of Savannah Inns, Susan Lanier-Graham,
Photo of the Day: Forsyth Park, Susan Lanier-Graham,

April 2012:
Girl Power in Savannah, Kristin Luna,
Savor Savannah, Hostess City of the South; Shirley Swagerty, Ezine
Historic Savannah Inns, Marcia Biggs,

March 2012:
Memories made in Savannah, Marissa Hermanson, Breathe Magazine
Day two in Savannah,  Marissa Hermanson, Breathe Magazine
Breathe is in Savannah,  Marissa Hermanson, Breathe Magazine
Photo Friday in Savannah, Kristin Luna,
Breakaways: Women’s Tour Reveals the True Nature of Romantic City, Maggie Fitzroy,

Meandering in Savannah, Marissa Hermanson,